2018 Fall Semester

September 10th to December 1st

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Program Overview

Mission Statement:

Our mission at ProForce is to create a culture and innovative training model where physical, technical, and tactical skills are developed through an athlete-centered approach. This approach involves structured psychological strength, teaching effective biomechanical movement principles, and utilizing regeneration strategies to optimize your performance on and off the field. Our uncompromising culture and pursuit of innovating training promises to aid your pursuit of excellence. 


ProFORCE uses a proven system to help you reach the top of your game. Our specialists provide you with the tools you need to maximize your potential:

  • Any athlete looking to improve their game (Professional, College, High School, Middle School)

  • Anyone looking to improve their life, overall health, or fitness level

  • Weekend warriors looking to keep their game at the top level

Every Program used by ProFORCE places a major emphasis on individualization, scientific research, and education. 

Why Train with Us:

ProFORCE will always put the athlete and mission first. All training techniques, methods, and nutritional supplementation are safe and will be ethical, and scientifically backed. 

  • 1 on 1 detailed initial evaluation
  • Individualized Program Design
  • Unparalleled Coaching
  • Certified, Experienced, and College Educated Staff
  • Implementation of Proven Programs
  • Professional Staff
  • Amazing Results!!!

Our programs at ProFORCE are truly innovative and are like nothing that you have experienced before. Designed from real world in the trenches experiences, and backed by the latest research. We are a gimmick free program that strives to enhance the overall development of our athletes and clients. Whether your goal is to train to win or train for life we are here to help you! 



Email: Info@ProForcesp.com

Phone Number: (513) 446-3663

Coaches Corner: