Mission Statement:

Our mission at ProForce Sports Performance (PSP) is to create a culture and innovative training model where physical, technical, and tactical skills are developed through an athlete-centered approach. This approach involves structured psychological strength, teaching effective biomechanical movement principles, and utilizing regeneration strategies to optimize your performance on and off the field. Our uncompromising culture and pursuit of innovating training promises to aid your pursuit of excellence. 

Athlete-Centered Approach:

In an athlete-centered approach we examine the relative needs of each individual and their sport. From here we then program appropriately to take each athlete on a journey through their development process.  We work together with our medical, psychology, and nutrition partners to embrace a philosophy of collaborative problem solving in the creation of our programs. Our programs are  individualized by utilizing our one of a kind evaluation, which evaluates your individual limitations through a thorough needs analysis of sport and individual requirements. 

How We're Different?

·       Every athlete is evaluated before starting a program with us. Our evaluation process includes the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and field-test that are determined off the athlete’s physiological needs for their sports. We are a results based program, we will take your goals turn them into mearsurables and show you your progress along your journey. 

·       Individualized workouts based off sport needs and individual deficiencies found during the evaluation process. This allows each athlete to work on his or her individual needs while still training for their sports.

·       Improved speed and agility by using our program that is designed to enhance the athlete’s biomechanical ability to produce force in the most efficient way. Many people out there can claim to make you run faster and change directions faster but very few have a trained eye that can tell you where your biomechanical breakdowns (energy leaks) are occurring and then change those movement patterns. This is not a smoke and mirrors speed program it is a research based, in the trenches tested program that creates real results. 

·       An engaging, technique focused, intense workout that is guaranteed to provide results, and is guaranteed to reduce the risk of injury. We will teach you the technical and tactical awareness, mental and emotional resiliency, dedication and professionalism you need to succeed at your sport. 

The program accomplishes these goals by following these guidelines:

  • Training movements not muscles

  • Creating a competitive, positive atmosphere

  • Individualizing programs to correct athletes imbalances

  • Using multi-joint movements

  • Free-weight, ground-based movements

  • Using the SAID principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands)

  • Monitoring the team and individuals for progress

  • Administering programs that include strength, power, acceleration, speed, agility, core training, flexibility, conditioning, and nutrition.

We do not waste time we want each athlete see results as quickly as possible and that does not happen by throwing darts blindly at a dart board. While we do not waste time and want you to see results as quickly as possible, our program satisfies the need for Long Term Athlete Development through our programing system. We are not looking at you as a quick buck, but rather a relationship that will last from youth years to keep your performance at a high level as a professional athlete. Each athlete has needs (sport specificity, mobility, stability, injury history, medical history, training age, and anatomical differences) and those needs need to be met by utilizing our mindset, movement, nutrition, and recovery.  These needs are the reason we created ProForce Sports Performance. 

Fundamental Movement + Fundamental sport skills = physical literacy

It is our job to introduce and develop the fundamental movement side of the physical literacy equation. Without fundamental movement (strength, power, speed, agility, conditioning, functional movement) one will never be able to reach their full physical literacy or genetic potential. 

We look forward to helping you produce more FORCE!