Vertical Jump Hacks

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Scroll down to learn more about our first ever 6 Week Vertical Jump Challenge!  

Saturdays from March 11th to April 15th ONLY $210

We are looking for athletes that want to Jump Higher:

Let me be clear, coaching and programming makes the difference.

Talent and ability will only go so far.

I think about the NBA and College guys I have worked with in the past and…..

They are all amazing athletes but they still came to me because they needed another eye to look at them and capitalize on their little weaknesses and make them better.

Better than that, they needed encouragement and motivation.

Well here is encouragement and motivation for your son or daughter to get results.  

The athletes who have the largest vertical jump increase in their respected age groups in 6 short weeks will be crowned champion and will win $100.

Three age Groups:

Age Group: 18 to 16

Age Group: 15 to 13

Age Group: 12 to 10

*Each of the age groups will have slightly different training programs and we will even be breaking the groups up into male and female.

Now even if they end up not winning we are going as far to say we will give you your money back if you attend all your sessions and see no vertical jump increase.

You will not see this type of program anywhere around!

Does your athlete:

1      Need to get more explosive?

2      Need to jump higher?

3      Need to stay healthy?

4      Need to learn to become a better athlete off the field?

5      Need to be more disciplined?

6      Need to move off the ball faster?

This program is for them!

Register by February 19th and join for only $170 save $40!!!! 

For questions or group registration please email Coach Hollabaugh at

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