Charles Ellis

Most parents and coaches wouldn’t blink an eye at a 40 to 50 game season followed by either fall ball or fall, and then winter training. But if you ask them about weight training & conditioning for 10 to 11 year olds they look at you like you’re crazy.That just doesn’t make any sense. Beyond the obvious competitive advantages provided by this type of training, the injury prevention aspect alone makes it not only worthwhile but absolutely necessary, in my opinion.  That is why we were so happy to find Coach Hollabaugh. 

My 11 - year old son, a budding catcher, has been working out with Kevin for almost a year now.  And not only have we have seen clear improvements in his overall fitness, but this has translated to improvements on the field as well bat speed, pop time, and base running. 

As rewarding as this is for him, for me the greatest value of this training has come in the form of what has not happened injury. In a generation where single sport athletics begin at an early age (perhaps too early) conditioning is a critical component to keeping these players safe and healthy as they grow and develop. 

In the end my son comes out of every session tired, sweaty, but with a big grin on his face. According to him, “It helps me perform better, it makes you stronger so you can hit the ball farther, throw harder, and run faster.”  And, “Kevin’s nice, and the people there are nice, too.”