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Premier Soccer Performance is a professional program run by performance specialist that is aimed at pushing athletes to achieve their goals and to take their game to the next level on the pitch.

At ProForce each athlete start with an evaluation. From the evaluation we gather mobility, stability and power output data that will help us individualize their workout program. Each player that comes through our door is different and we strive to provide the most comprehensive training program in the midwest.

Our Premier Soccer Performance program is aimed to give soccer players an off-season home to help them develop their athletic abilities to allow them to excel at fine technical skills. We are even going as far as to teach you how sprint and change of direction mechanics change when you have the ball versus when you do not have the ball.

This program is designed by educated and certified professionals with guidance from soccer expertise. You will work on the following and improve in the following areas: Conditioning, Speed, Quickness, Reactive agility,Power, Strength, and Injury Prevention.

Small Group Individualized Programs

Start with our one of a kind performance evaluation where we will look for and find your weaknesses as an athlete and player. From here we will design an individualized performance program for you to perform in our small group classes offered throughout the week. This program focuses on what call a holistic performance approach (injury prevention, strength, power, speed, agility, and conditioning).

One day a week - $120 per month

Two days a week - $199 per month

Three/Four days a week - $275 per month

Onsite Team Training

Does your team practice at Cincy Sports Nation? If so we would love to discuss an amazing performance solution with you. Let us warm up and start your session with speed and agility designed to actually make your players faster and decrease injuries. If you would like your team to also get stronger we can also discuss adding strength post practice.

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Offsite Team Training

If you would like us to bring our performance specialist and training programs to where you practice then offsite team training is the option for you. We will warm up the group for you then take them through speed and agility that is designed to actually make your players faster and decrease injuries. We can also condition teams as well.

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