ProForce Sports Performance is the off-season home for elite professionals from all sports. Besides providing a systematic training approach, we offer assistance with nutrition, physical therapy, massage and housing from our strategic partners.  

As a professional athlete improper training has the potential to be very harmful to one's career. Proper exercise selection as well as specific loads for each individual will ensure every athlete a safe training environment. We understand and know that no two athletes are the same even if they play the same sport and position. 

We use the most current research while listening to your goals to tailor programs to allow individuals to reach their full potential. Allow us to help you prepare physically and mentally to gain a competitive edge.

“Coach Hollabaugh's attention to detail combine with his ability to individualize a program for me allowed me to return to camp in peak physical condition and primed for the upcoming season. Coach's passion for you to succeed is second to none”

- Adam Vinatieri, K - Indianapolis Colts

"Coach Hollabaugh is a knowledgeable strength coach that has a passion for the industry and true care for his athletes. I began working with Coach after having three knee surgeries in the same knee. He was able to carefully tailor a personal workout for me based on my specific rehabilitation needs as well as other limitations due to injuries. His concern for my knee was always his first priority when introducing any new exercises. After building my strength back, Coach then analyzed my running form and helped me correct basic movement patterns in order to prevent future injuries and improve my overall running efficiency. Even though I am no longer residing near Coach, I still consult with him about certain lifting techniques and workout programs. 

- Scott Lutrus, LB - NFL Free Agent