How would you like to...

  • add pitching or throwing velocity?

  • add bat speed? 

  • be faster on the base path and in the field? 

  • decrease your reaction time? 


ProFORCE's baseball/softball development program is Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky's number one choice for comprehensive baseball development. Our program allows baseball and softball players to work specifically for their needs on the field. 

The program allows baseball players to increase throwing velocity, bat speed, game speed on the field, reaction time, overall strength, and most importantly decrease their risk of injury.


Each athlete is placed through a Functional Movement Screen, Shoulder Movement Screen, and Field Test to create what we call our Advanced Athletic Assessment.

This assessment allows us to generate data points to pin point each players exact weaknesses and address those issues during the program.  From speed and agility development, conditioning, strength, and arm care our program will address each of your athletic needs. 

Expectations from the program are; increased throwing velocity, increased bat speed, increased power development, decreased 60 sprint time, decrease home to first time, and will decrease the risk of injury.

This program also benefits the community by reducing the number of injuries high school and middle school baseball players have. It helps decrease the amount of money parents may in up spending on health care for shoulder and elbow care.

Participants of the ProForce baseball development program will also become educated on proper throwing progressions, arm care strategies for pre and post game and how to properly fuel their body.




To schedule your evaluation please fill out the form below, or please call or email us for more information. 


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