Friday's Final Thoughts II

This week has been crazy so I haven’t done too much on the educational front which is bad I know. I did manage to start and finish the Complete Jump Training course with Athletes Acceleration. I enjoyed the product and Coach Feit always does a great job of organizing a system of progression and regressions. I was also happy that I found a few new versions we can add into our program.


I posted on a few different Facebook groups last week and didn’t really get the repose I was looking for in terms of trying to learn about the 1x20 program and also how I could integrate using bodyweight percentages over one rep max percentages. The way I have been thinking about using the bodyweight is in helping us determine what Base we determine our athletes fall into.


·      0 to 99% - Base 0

·      100 to 149% Base 1

·      150% to 174% Base 2

·      175% to 199% Base 3

·      200% + Base 4


This allows us to give the athlete the goals they need to move up in programming and lets face it if I have a middle school athlete and I get them to lifting 100% of their body weight then we have achieved a relatively strong athlete. The bigger part that I like is that once our college and pro guys hit the 200% zone then we know we can stop loading them up so much and focus more on moving the weight fast. Once again these are just my Friday Final Thoughts so let me know what you guys think.