Weight Room Safety for Pitchers

I had a request to post on how can high school athletes who want to and need to lift with football make sure they are not doing anything that could potentially hurt their shoulder, elbow, or wrist. I would also like to point out that volleyball players who are hitters should also pay attention to this list. Below is my weight room safety list I am curious to see what other professionals think of this as well. 

How to make the weight room safe for Baseball Pitchers:

·      Never Barbell Bench Press

·      Never Barbell Shoulder Press

·      Never Snatch

·      Never Clean without close supervision (players with pervious injury history of wrist or elbow do not perform cleans)

·      Never Let Your Elbow Drop Below Your Shoulder When Pressing or Pushing

·      Never Use Super Heavy Weight for Shoulder Exercises

o   Front Raise

o   Lateral Raise

o   External Rotation

·      You can press overhead just say smart and light and stay in the scapular plane

·      Do not hold anything overhead that fixes the shoulder and applies a load to the shoulder


If you think I missed something then feel free to comment or let me know!

All the best, 

Kevin Hollabaugh, MHA, CSCS, USAW, FMSC