ASMI 33rd Injuries in Baseball Course Day 2 Take Home Points

ASMI 33rd Injuries in Baseball Course

Day 2 Take Home Points

Saturday January 24, 2015

Today’s focus was on the elbow and once again it did not disappoint. The level of anatomy that you will take away from this course is worth the money alone. Those of you that have worked with me know that it all comes down to understanding and knowing your anatomy.  

For today I have a lot of one line notes I will try to explain ones that don’t explain their selves.

-       Pitcher Cather combo is a bad combination. Players need to pick one or the other due to the amount of stress a catchers throw places on the elbow.

-       Youth baseball is a mess! This could and will be a blog post in and of itself here in a few weeks. The main points here are

o   Coaches are parents

§  Coaches and parents are influenced by media and money

§  There are only 11.7 Scholarships per college team. So everyone wants their son or player to be seen even if it is detrimental for their playing career.

§  Ken Crenshaw said it best “Parents and coaches have wrecked youth sports”

-       Dominican players have the same TJ rate as the American players because they end up throwing and playing just as much just not in organized games.

-       James Andrews said “Throw a curve when you start to shave.”

-       Hitters are taken from the South and Pitchers from the North. I’ll let you guys figure that one out!

-       HS Strength and Conditioning and HS sports are becoming a problem for athletes not an answer.

-       Websites to visit and

-       The two most compromising phases for the UCL are the max external rotation phase and ball release phase.

o   The UCL takes on 55% of the stress during these phases

o   Pronator Teres only takes 15% and that is the greatest amount that any muscle group during the three compromising phases.

o   As we stated yesterday there is 100 Newton meters with of varus torque pulling down on the hand at max ER the UCL is only rated to hold 33 Newton meters.

-       There has been an increase in Tommy John over the last 3 years and we have a positive trend line since 2000 however it may not be a UCL Tear epidemic but rather a Tommy John revision epidemic.

o   Questions for sports medicine providers: Are we starting throwing too soon? Are we fixing the issues that caused the UCL Tear in the first place?

-       Out of 271 Tommy John surgeries only 4 were position players!

-       Only 67% of MLB players return to the same level of play

-       We need to watch return to play percentages because some are only counted if they only throw 1 pitch. What is their career like after Tommy John? Most only last around 2.9 years at a high level of play.

Look for more notes coming tomorrow!


Kevin Hollabaugh, MHA, CSCS, USAW, FMSC