Nutrition KISS Style

By: Kevin Hollabaugh

With the New Year approaching and everyone looking to make lifestyle changes to reach goals they set. The most common question this time of year is coach what can I do to eat healthier. Well I have an easy four-step plan that can help you achieve wonders.

Step 1: Take two fish oil pills a day one in the morning and one at night

Step 2: Take a multi-vitamin once a day

Step 3: Make good food choices 80% of the time (this means no fried, processed, soda, sugar, or heavy carb food (bread, pasta))

Step 4: Live your life and don’t alienate your self from family and friends. Educate them and get them on board with your changes and use them as a support system.

The kicker is this is a lifestyle change program not  a quick 24 day challenge. So here is the fine print on how to get this to stick. Start with step one once you notice that you are able to stick with it move to step 2. Once you notice those steps becoming part of your every day process then and only then do you move on to step 3, and step 4. 

Yes that is really all it takes. No counting micros and macros, or having to study a nutrition textbook, just nutrition kiss style (keep it simple stupid).  For further questions or comments please post below.