We take your development to the next level

  • Add pitching or throwing velocity

  • Increase bat speed & exit velocity 

  • Increased your reaction time

  • Increased durability

The life of a professional baseball player during the season is less than optimal for health maintenance. All told, a season can be 7-8 months of every day travel on buses, sleeping in hotel beds, time changes, inconsistent diet and some hard physical work. This would be enough to wreak havoc on an aging body, but add in the stress of trying to make a living and performing well, players can be utterly exhausted and broken down going into the offseason. Let us create a personalized performance plan for you based off our advanced athletic assessment. 

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Program Description:

ProFORCE's Baseball Performance (BP) program is Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky's only comprehensive athletic performance program for baseball players. The program allows baseball players to increase throwing velocity, bat speed, game speed on the field, reaction time, overall strength, and most importantly decrease their risk of injury. Each athlete is placed through a Functional Movement Screen, Shoulder Movement Screen, and Field Test to create an Athletic Profile that allows for us to pin point their exact weaknesses and address those issues during the program. In the program outline section you will notice that there are four core pieces to each session Mobility, Medicine Ball work, Movement work, and Strength work. The Mobility work is customized based on how the athlete screens out during the athletic profile. Medicine Ball, Movement, and Strength work are divided up between pitchers and position players.  Train where the local pros train and train like the pros. Contact us today to find out how to get started. 

Participant Outcomes:

Outcomes that are expected from the BP program are; increased throwing velocity, increased bat speed, increased power development, decreased 60 sprint times, and will decrease the risk of injury. The BP program also benefits the community by reducing the number of injuries high school and middle school baseball players have. It helps decrease the amount of money parents may in up spending on health care for shoulder and elbow care. Participants of the BP program will also become educated on proper throwing progressions and how to prevent UCL injuries.

Program Outline:


The first part of each session is spent on addressing the athlete’s mobility and pillar strength deficiencies (Rotary Stability or Anterior core). We determine the athlete’s deficiencies using the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Shoulder Movement Screen (SMS), and athletic profiling assessment.

Medicine Ball Work:

The second part of each training session is used to focus on either rotational medicine ball work or overhead medicine. Each of medicine ball exercise is chosen to address power development in the frontal plane or transverse plane. Exercises are used to address pitching, positional, or batting needs of baseball players. As the off-season progresses and players begin to start throwing programs we will focus on non-dominant medicine ball work, and replace medicine ball volume with more movement volume.


After performing medicine ball work we will work on movements that are specific to baseball player’s needs. Frontal plane power development movements, lateral movement skills, and linear movement skills. This program addresses everything from how to strike the ground, how to cut and change directions, and jump and land efficiently. Movement work using the same program formula that all other ProForce programs use and is all done on a progression that is one of the best if not the best in the country at changing biomechanical deficiencies the athlete.

Strength Work:

All Strength work will have an emphasis on developing the posterior chain, rotator cuff muscles, and lower body. Each day is a full body workout that involves power development, upper body development, and lower body development. These workouts are then divided up by unilateral/bilateral work, and further divided up by horizontal/vertical movements, and Knee/hip movements.

*Long Distance Programs

Want to participate in ProForce Sports Performance's Baseball Performance program but don't live near greater Cincinnati, Ohio. Well no fear we offer long distance programs so our college and professional athletes can continue their programs year round. We will even go as far as to review and discuss program design with your current strength and conditioning coach so we don't step on anyone's toes. Packages are defined blow;

Month to Month ($100 a month): 

  • Receive a new workout sheet every 3 to 4 weeks depending on where you are on the program.
  • Offer to train with ProForce at our Cincinnati, Ohio location for one block of your program for an added $100 that month. (Normally $30 a session, a savings of $170)
  • Unlimited Skype or phone calls to help you learn and understand the program. 

Year round package ($1000):

  • Receive a new workout sheet every 3 to 4 weeks depending on where you are on the program.
  • Off-season, Pre-season, and In-season programs and all individualized to your goals, needs as a player. 
  • Offer to train with ProForce at our Cincinnati, Ohio location for one block of your program for an added $100 that month. (Normally $30 a session, a savings of $170)
  • Unlimited Skype or phone calls to help you learn and understand the program. 

“If you are looking to take your game to the next level I suggest that you start by training in the off-season with Kevin. He addresses your body’s weakness and strengths and then adjusts your workout program accordingly so by the end your body is moving and functioning properly. I really like working with him because your workout is individualized to your specific weakness and strengths instead of just some workout that is made for 10+ people in a class. Working with Kevin has been a great opportunity for me and I personally feel that I have an edge over my competition. “
— Nick Cunningham, RHP Orioles Organization
“I first came to Kevin three weeks after Tommy John surgery. Training with him was a huge part of my rehab program, and undoubtedly helped accelerate my recovery. Kevin’s approach targeted physical weaknesses and imbalances on a personal level. He is the most prepared strength coach I have ever worked with. There was a plan for every workout and a reason behind every movement. Every time I stepped in the weight room it was more than a workout, it was a learning experience. Anyone can give you a workout. Kevin gave me knowledge about the shoulder and throwing biomechanics that has changed the way I look at training as a pitcher. At an elite level, everyone works hard, the way you differentiate yourself is by training smarter. I would strongly recommend Kevin to any serious athlete.”
— JARED RUXER, RHP Angels Organization